IAM very excited to be back to my first love in Cyber Security… Identity and Access Management (IAM).

IAM first took my heart in 2002, when I joined IBM in Australia as a software developer at the Gold Coast R&D Labs (IBM Cyber Security Products R&D). The IBM Gold Coast Labs is a great place to work. The place is casual. It has the Pacific ocean for view and just a road to cross to be on the beach. It is full of deeply passionate, skilled and focused people about Security and Technology. At the time, the IBM Labs was focused on the Tivoli Identity, Access and Privacy Management solution portfolio. I had great fun there, first in core product development and then in assisting clients in meeting their business objectives and requirements with the IBM IAM Technology. I got involved in pretty cool projects in Australia, the UK and in other countries. I also met my wife there :o)

Since the IBM IAM Labs, I have applied myself to other Security areas and activities while still having the occasional opportunity to assist organisations in better managing their IAM programs by leading the delivery of IAM advisory services, such as strategies, and IAM solutions.

I am now back to IAM in full strength and I am very excited about it!

I have recently joined Pirean, a fantastic and fast growing company, to lead their operations in Australia & New Zealand. We have a great product called Access: One and a wealth of experience in IAM to assist organisations in Securely Connecting People and Technology, simply and elegantly. We provide services to help create a “Business Competitive Differentiation” (Gartner) through the benefits of IAM to the workforce, consumers and citizens, and we’ve got a lot of innovation coming.

Got any question, any requirement or need to discuss? Please contact me by email. I would love to hear from you.


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