Join a digital big brother program?

What would you want in exchange for foregoing your privacy and being monitored online: your every online move, all the sites and the apps you go to and for how long?

The following article is an interesting read: Would you trade your browsing history for concert tickets?

About 1,000 people in Australia and New Zealand are reported to have voluntarily enlisted to have their every online move tracked in exchange for points that they can redeem with Ticketek on concert discounts, ticket offers and shopping vouchers.

“The longer they have the [tracking] app installed, and the more devices they give it access to, the more points users accrue to claim their rewards.”

“People aren’t actually that shy sharing what they look at on the internet”

A Ticketek’ spokesperson is reported to clarify that the service operates in full transparency with the participants: “We tell them everything we capture”.

I have no issue with the service. It would appear the participants are well informed about what they enlist to. They make their own mind about it and I make no judgement here. I can also appreciate the marketing research value provided by such services. However, I personally opt out. It’s not for me.


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