Brazilian E-voting, Progress or Disorder?

Is Brazil, which national motto is “Order and Progress”, too careless in ignoring the stern advice of cyber security specialists against their full commitment to electronic voting? Continue reading “Brazilian E-voting, Progress or Disorder?”

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity & Cyber Security

Emmanuel Macron has recently been elected as the new French president. He led a very astute political campaign, building and leading a new movement called “En Marche!” (Forward!) and he made it to the top. He is young. He embraces social media. His campaign team was very cyber-savvy and that served him well, because his campaign also made headlines on cyber security matters. Continue reading “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity & Cyber Security”

A vote of no-confidence in e-voting

This is a sad day for technology. I love it when technology enables progress and efficiency in business and society. It saddens me when progress is stopped over security fears. I can certainly appreciate the risk management logic with e-voting,  especially in times of suspected elections influence through hacking. However, I wonder whether the below case is more a question of a poor risk management practice causing a setback to progress. Continue reading “A vote of no-confidence in e-voting”