Open Banking: Consent + Authorisation = Better Deals?

Open Banking is powered by consents and authorisations. To have a crack at finding betters deals on financial services and to eventually save money, consumers must consent and authorise. Continue reading “Open Banking: Consent + Authorisation = Better Deals?”

Don’t Insult Me! IAM Not a Criminal!

Do you insult your online customers?

How well you manage your customers’ digital identities and online access may say some about the success of your online business. You may well be leaving some money on the table by insulting your customers. Continue reading “Don’t Insult Me! IAM Not a Criminal!”

Boost Online Service Adoption with Consumer Digital Identity Management

I recently had the privilege of hosting a series of think tank sessions in Melbourne and in Sydney for the occasion of the FST Future of Security events in March, which Pirean was a sponsor of. The subject of the discussion was Consumer Digital Identity Management. The think tank aimed at addressing the boosting of online services adoption with efficient and attractive consumer identity management practices. The following questions provided a starting point to the group discussions:

Continue reading “Boost Online Service Adoption with Consumer Digital Identity Management”

The feeling of digital identity management

IAM Feeling Good?

I switched banks years ago. My former bank’s financial services and benefits were average when compared to other banks, but something in particular triggered my decision to switch. I had developed a bad online user experience, and especially a bad feeling about Identity and Access Management (IAM). Continue reading “The feeling of digital identity management”