Brazilian E-voting, Progress or Disorder?

Is Brazil, which national motto is “Order and Progress”, too careless in ignoring the stern advice of cyber security specialists against their full commitment to electronic voting? Continue reading “Brazilian E-voting, Progress or Disorder?”

CyRise, a bridge to Australian Cyber Security world success & a view on citizens’ cyber security


CyRise ran a launch session event in Brisbane last night. I found great interest in the project. CyRise is a fantastic initiative designed to launch new Australian Cyber Security startups. Continue reading “CyRise, a bridge to Australian Cyber Security world success & a view on citizens’ cyber security”

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity & Cyber Security

Emmanuel Macron has recently been elected as the new French president. He led a very astute political campaign, building and leading a new movement called “En Marche!” (Forward!) and he made it to the top. He is young. He embraces social media. His campaign team was very cyber-savvy and that served him well, because his campaign also made headlines on cyber security matters. Continue reading “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity & Cyber Security”

French Election Campaign Smart Cybersecurity

The French presidential election is over. Emmanuel Macron has won and will become France’s new president. A lot will be discussed about his victory in the upcoming weeks and throughout the upcoming French legislative elections (next month in June) that will result in a new French National Assembly and a new French prime minister. Until then, Macron has certainly successfully fought a tough political battle and his campaign team has also fought a tough cybersecurity battle during the elections. Continue reading “French Election Campaign Smart Cybersecurity”