Stuff GDPR!?

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Should Australian startups skip the EU because of GDPR?

The CEO of an Australian FinTech startup says he is considering excluding the EU from his business plan, because the upcoming new EU regulation on consumer data protection, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), brings challenges that would outweigh potential business benefits in the EU region in the short term.

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Australia’s war on encryption: Idiocy or Miscommunication?

King Idiot?

Australia would be the “King Idiot” of the internet according to ZDNet and other reports such as boingboing. The honorific title would be reportedly deserved, because the Australian Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull, has made a controversial statement on the laws of mathematics in a context referring to encrypted communications used for evil. Continue reading “Australia’s war on encryption: Idiocy or Miscommunication?”

From Privacy Weakness to Business Strength

How to turn a business’ privacy weakness into a business strength?

Business is lost over privacy concerns, because we distrust most organisations in handling our personal information according to the latest OAIC privacy survey (ACAPS 2017). I believe in the opportunity to further grow online business through better privacy  management with further privacy focus, transparency and giving easy control to online customers on their personal data.
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Counter-terrorism digital surveillance vs privacy from a politician point of view

What would you do about private digital communication services if you were a leading political figure? How would you balance the priorities of privacy to best foster the development of your nation’s digital economy (relying on citizens and businesses digital trust) and the importance of counter-terrorism activities through digital surveillance? Continue reading “Counter-terrorism digital surveillance vs privacy from a politician point of view”