Privacy, the dark side of secure communication apps

What secure communication apps do you use?

Do you use Signal, Wickr, Confide, WhatsApp, SudoApp, ChatSecure or other apps to communicate securely?

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BYOS, Secure Communication for Hack-Fearing Politicians & others

Australian politicians use Wickr and WhatsApp

Encrypted Political Turmoil, is a post I published in October 2016 reporting on the increasing use and popularity of secure communication apps, such as Wickr and WhatsApp, among leading Australian political figures including the Prime Minister. Continue reading “BYOS, Secure Communication for Hack-Fearing Politicians & others”

Encrypted Political Turmoil

Mr Turnbull and other members of the Australian Government may have something in common with Mrs Clinton with regards to Information Security. They are reported to use non-Government-vetted technologies to communicate, and to supposedly communicate on Government and political matters. The subject has certainly landed Mrs Clinton into a great deal of political turmoil (a few comments and thoughts here), and fair questions are now being asked in Australia.

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The pursuit of cyber privacy, a lost cause?

“Your entire life is online.

And it might be used against you.

Be vigilant.” (Febelfin)

Three years following the explosive mass cyber surveillance revelations from Edward Snowden and the global privacy debate that they ignited, the release of the Snowden movie gives us an opportunity to reflect on the current state of our cyber privacy:  Continue reading “The pursuit of cyber privacy, a lost cause?”